Sweet on Sweets Cupcakery


Sweet on Sweets

Sweet on Sweets is a cupcakery meaning they bake exclusively cupcakes. The logo was meant to be whimsical and playful, but also have a level of sophistication because these are some serious cupcakes! For the business cards I chose a vertical layout because I think it makes it look more elegant. I used rounded corners and pinstripes so it almost feels like a treat in and of itself. The cupcake is a photorealistic vector illustration and is used as an icon such as the company’s Facebook profile picture.

Sweet on Sweet Graphics


Sweet on Sweets Cards

I originally designed 3 versions of the logo and it was the first that was chosen. For the second version I was going for a wooden sign look like you might find at a bakery or candy store and something that easily doubles as a label. For the third version I wanted the whole thing to feel like whipped frosting.

Sweet on Sweet Logos

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