Photorealistic Vector Rose

Photorealistic Vector Rose

This was a college assignment for a tutorial website concept. Having recently taught myself how, I chose to do a tutorial on creating photorealistic vector art. I created this illustration of a rose to be the main image used in my presentation of the website concept. It took over 40 hours to complete. Since everything was vector, I was able to easily manipulate the isolated elements to quickly do things like change the color of the rose. I was also able to print it very large because of the infinite scalability.

In the images below you can see the complex gradient mesh framework. In researching other artists doing photorealistic vector art, I noticed that almost none of them ever used backgrounds. One of my goals was to have a vector background which actually proved challenging because it’s out of focus. I had to use gradient mesh opacity masks to get get a feathered effect that was still 100% vector.

Vector Rose Outlines

Although it is supposed to accompany a speech, you can view the PowerPoint presentation from the following link: Photorealistic Vector Art Tutorial Website Presentation. If you don’t know about vectors and bitmaps, some of the visuals in the presentation help to illustrate the difference. There’s also a basic tutorial on how to actually create photorealistic vector art.

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