Photorealistic Vector Fruit Bowl

Photorealistic Vector Fruit Bowl

Fruit Bowl OutlinesFruit Bowl ZoomFruit Bowl Closeup

This was actually part of a bigger project I did in design school. We were required to take a photograph and make 4 different illustrations of it in Adobe Illustrator: a minimalist contour drawing, an outline only sketch, a painterly illustration, and finally a version that was as realistic as we could make it. This was when I first learned about photorealistic vector art. It’s a very long process and I’m not sure it serves much of a function other than to show off some Illustrator skills. However the infinite scalability of the vector art lets you print as big as you like.

Photorealistic vector art in Illustrator is mostly done using the gradient mesh tool. Beyond that there are a few other tricks to make things look real. One trick is not to use 100% white for highlights as this ends up looking more like spilled paint. It’s all the imperfections that make things look natural.

Included are some screenshots of the vector outlines. As you can see there is a great deal of detail, especially in the oranges.

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