MediPro Direct

MediPro Direct

MediPro Direct is a business development company for the medical community. They wanted to update their existing logo to consolidate the many subdivisions of the business. Essentially they needed to a logo that could have variations for their other projects such as a weight loss clinic and DNA services. One of MediPro Direct’s core competencies is a sophisticated case management system and online database and they had relatively little need for print materials. For this reason I gave the logo a Web 2.0 makeover. I also downplayed the word “DIRECT” because the company usually goes by simply “MediPro.”

MediPro Direct Logo Update


I actually recommended that they not change their logo. As one of my graphic design professors once said to me, “A poorly designed, but well distributed logo is better than a well designed, poorly distributed logo.” The point being consistency is very important for branding. Because of this I made sure that the new logo would still clearly identify with the old. Another challenge with the project was the company name. The only reason the word “DIRECT” is present is because there was already a similar company called MediPro. This was and continues to be confusing to people especially with the weight loss segment of the business, officially called MediPro Direct Slim. This name switched back and forth from MediPro Slim Direct to MediPro Direct Slim and eventually I insisted they stick with something for consistency. However the weight loss clinic is almost always abbreviated to MediPro Slim which is, again, why “DIRECT” is less prominent.

MPD Cards Mockup


Being that MediPro Direct is partnered with a DNA testing lab, I designed business cards that feature an image of that person’s DNA profile. This way everyone had a truly unique card and they made great conversation starters.

Slim Brochure Mockup

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