JB Monogram

JB Logo

It’s always tough designing for yourself. I made myself a logo back when I was first starting out, but it was pretty boring. Below is the only image of it I could even find.

JB Logo Update


With a definite need for an upgrade I began sketching out ideas on a piece of paper. I knew I wanted it to be a monogram, but I really didn’t know how I was going to accomplish that with the letters “J” and “B.” They don’t connect very well. Below you can see my process for developing the monogram. Don’t be too judgmental! Some of these may be bad, but often one has to weed out the bad to reveal the good.

JB Logo Process

At first I was trying to find some symmetry in the letters. Unfortunately, with only lowercase letters it often came out looking like “db.” With numbers 4 & 5 I was playing with a continual line running in 4 loops. I’m sure there’s a name for this symbol, but it always makes me think of freeway on and off ramps. However I did like the way the loops worked with the lettering. For number 6 I was thinking of a 3-leaf clover, but I didn’t really like that too much because I’m not Irish and a 3-leaf clover just screams, “I AM NOT UNIQUE!” I was mostly torn between 8 & 9. Obviously I went with 8, but I really liked how symmetrical and iconic number 9 is. I think this general symbol also has a name. It’s kind of like a Celtic knot. I still think it was the most successful linking of letters in a more traditional monogram style. Number 11 was meant to be a compromise between the two, but people felt it looked too much like a symbol for electrons orbiting an atom. I showed it to a lot of people and they unanimously chose the current logo so that was that.

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