iDNA is a project I created and developed where I create personalized, artistic portraits of people’s DNA. Sometimes I dislike designing logos for myself because I’m kind of the worst customer. I’m never satisfied and I often find it difficult to think outside the box when I am the box. After struggling to come up with a logo I liked, I considered outsourcing this to another designer for some outside perspective. However, with a little perseverance I settled on this. I went through several iterations where the “I” was lowercase and “DNA” was in all caps. It seemed logical; after all, that is how it’s written in traditional type. Once I started using all lowercase letters it really came together. I used negative space to differentiate the “I” so it didn’t read as “Id-nah” and the end result is much more iconic than what was left on the cutting room floor.

Here’s a description of the project (coming soon!):

Turn your DNA into a work of art! iDNA portraits are images of your own unique DNA profile. Printed on stretched canvas like a painting, we create an image of your DNA based on DNA gel electrophoresis. We also include your written signature, optional at no cost. After all, you are the true creator of this artwork. Currently available in 17 standard color themes and 8 premium themes. Custom orders and sizes available too. All orders include high resolution digital file.

How does it work? We send you an easy-to-use DNA collection kit. All you have to do is swab the inside of your cheek and send it to our highly-accredited DNA lab partner in an overnight mailer included in your kit. We then create an image of your DNA profile: the same snapshot of your DNA used as the standard for identification worldwide.

Here are just a few of the themes available: BLACK, INVERSION, BAMBOO, and RUST.

iDNA Samples

The final product is printed on canvas and stretched around a wooden frame giving it depth and dimension.

iDNA Corners

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